Additional Services

IV Nutritional Therapy

IV nutritional therapy or sometimes just known as IV therapy is an intravenous infusion of the vitamins your body needs and craves to function optimally delivered directly into your blood system.

Infusion Options

Myer’s Cocktail – $150

Immune Boost – $185

Get-Up & Go – $185

Recovery & Performance – $195

Alleviate – $185

Brain Storm – $165

NAD – Call for pricing


B12 – $15

Glutathione – $30


Coaching Sessions

$140 / hour long session

12 week Coaching Special – call for more information


Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment is the combination of medications such as Buprenorphine [Suboxone] with physician treatment and counseling to aid in the treatment of opioid addiction

MAT Membership

Monthly Investment – $300


  • Direct access to your healthcare provider.
  • Concierge level care [direct texting with your provider]
  • Unlimited office visits as dose adjustments are needed
  • Group Therapy [offered 4 days/week]
  • All urine drug screens included
  • Accountability from a team of people that want you to succeed and who will provide you encouragement, love, and support.


We understand life is hard. Trauma, addiction, life’s challenges, relationship struggles, financial hardships, and burnout are all issues we can face. Be encouraged, you don’t have to face them alone. Find out how you can find hope and light in the weight of your struggles again.   

Individual Counseling

Hourly Session – $105

Group Counseling

Hourly Session – $25

Free for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) members

Health Coaching

Elizabeth is an Institute of Functional Medicine trained professional who works with you by providing personalized support, accountability, lifestyle changes, disease prevention and management, improved self-efficacy [your belief in yourself to make positive changes], and improved quality of life.

Coach Elizabeth

Institute of Functional Medicine Trained Health Coach with Grey Gardens Health Coaching | Learn more at


Nutrition Coaching

Working with a nutrition coach can be an incredibly effective way to improve your overall wellbeing and reach your diet and nutrition goals. Kara will help you can gain clarity on what changes need to be made in order to achieve maximum results. 

Coach Kara


Kara Mercer

21:90 Nutrition

“I combine my education on Nutrition with my deep passion of helping others. I developed this company to help people with the knowledge and accountability they need to be successful in their personal health goals. Working together to create the best YOU!” – Kara

Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine works differently than other medications that treat depression. It can work more quickly. Ketamine increases the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing the patient to lay down new neural paths to frame past experiences differently.


One Session – $395

6 Session Package – $345 each


Hormone Care

Hormones are the chemical messengers that are in charge of telling our body how to function properly. Even the slightest imbalance in this delicate messenger system can cause symptoms that interfere with our daily life. This is why both men and women can be effected by hormone imbalances.

BIOTE Therapy

The Biote Method of hormone optimization is the result of condensing over 80 years of scientific research into a program that may help with the earliest signs of aging. Find out more about if this therapy is good fit for you here

Wellness Membership Patients

Already have a Wellness Membership? Great! Your first hormone appointment will be easy enough, just call or text to schedule because hormone consultation is included in your membership. 

Hi, I'm new here! Hormone Consult

Welcome! Have you been looking for a provider who understands your hormone frustration? Dr. Dee Bonney and Nurse Practitioner Sarah are well trained and experienced in hormone optimization.

Office Visit – $199


InBody570 Scan

The InBody570 is a body composition analyzer that measures various parameters related to body composition — By providing a detailed analysis of your body composition, you can understand how your body is changing in response to your diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors.

Wellness Members

Wellness member special pricing: $25

Scan Me and Give Me all the Details!

Scan, interpretation, and cardiometabolic food plan – $99

Just Let Me Step on and Run Away

For the print out only $40

Weight Loss Management

A physician-assisted weight loss program can provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to weight loss that can improve the chances of success. By providing medical supervision, personalized plans, accountability, addressing underlying medical conditions, and education and support, these programs can help individuals achieve their weight loss goals in a safe and healthy way.

Wellness Members

Included in your membership, just schedule an appointment!


We may recommend supplements, here are two resources we utilize.


We will provide you a custom recommendation. 


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