Specializing in Primary and Urgent Care Services

Healthcare memberships starting at just $99/month. Affordable, convenient, and personalized access to your doctor provides peace of mind for your whole family. 

Not Your Ordinary Healthcare

Why subscribe to your doctor’s office?

Affordable, convenient, and personalized care

Gone are the days wondering whether you are important enough to get a call back, or whether you should sit in the waiting room an hour past your appointment time.

You, your wellness, and your time are all valued at our office. Let us show you why we are not your ordinary healthcare.

Have you been avoiding an annual physical due to cost?

Fear no more. Our members benefit from our negotiated lab prices. This includes our annual bloodwork: CBC, Lipid Panel, Complete metabolic panel, Vitamin D, and Hemoglobin A1C.

Transparency is Key.

We believe in transparency. Our memberships really are not too good to be true. We value people and believe in providing quality healthcare. That’s why you will never be surprised by our pricing.

Why is this important?

Have you ever wondered if your child’s cut needs stitches? Or if you are “sick enough” to go to the ER? Now, by being able to directly text YOUR doctor, you can save both TIME and MONEY by having your questions answered.

Hello, friends! We know healthcare is a mess – let us guide you to a better wellness experience.

Rest easy knowing your primary and urgent care needs are met at AlphaOmega Wellness. Our team of professionals will treat you like family (and not just the family they like, ha!).


With our memberships you are no longer caught up in the mess of mainstream healthcare. You are better able to take charge of your health, manage your chronic illnesses, and feel well again. All while having direct access to your provider.