Functional Medicine


Remove the guesswork and focus on a personalized approach that identifies and treats the underlying causes of illness rather than just managing symptoms.

Complicated medical history, perplexing symptoms, and life-altering illnesses plaguing you? 

Interested in more than just health, but learning how to have longevity?

Why Functional Medicine?

You’re the expert about your body. You know when you don’t feel well and if something isn’t right. Tired of being told everything is normal? Your test results keep coming back “normal” but yet you don’t feel “normal”?  Our team of practitioners work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan designed to restore balance, relieve symptoms, and achieve long-term wellness.

Holistic Perspective.


Personalized Treatment.


Advanced Testing.


Collaborative Approach.


Have you been diagnosed with or suspect any of the following illnesses?

Autoimmune Disorders | Chronic Infections | Chronic Fatigue | Fatigue | Long-Haul COVID | Lyme Disease | Mast Cell Activation (MCA) | Mold Illness, CIRS | MTHFR Deficiency | SIBO/SIFO | Vitamin Deficiencies/Toxicities

Sound familiar?

You’ve been to specialist after specialist and still  don’t feel like you’re any closer to feeling well. Or you read a checklist of symptoms and feel like you can completely relate but yet everyone keeps telling you “you’re fine…”

You're ready for help finding the source of symptoms and not just a pill for the ill.

Sounds like you’re ready to partner with a functional medicine physician as well as a Institute of Functional Medicine trained health coach and nutrition coach to have a fully comprehensive team ready to help you. 

Dr. Dee Bonney

Dr. Dee Bonney


Trained in pediatrics and emergency medicine, Dr. Bonney has spent years in the traditional healthcare setting. Until he realized, there’s a better way to practice.

See Dr. Bonney at the Greenwood office. 

Dr. Bruce Thomas

Dr. Bruce Thomas


Trained in both conventional and functional medicine, Dr. Thomas has the passion and the experience to help you on this journey. 

See Dr. Thomas at the Fishers office.

Functional Medicine Packages.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your individual needs and budget. Regardless of the package you choose, our team will work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific health concerns and goals. We use the latest in functional medicine techniques to identify the root causes of your health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.


Package Details

– Initial Appointment [90-120 minutes] with Dr. Dee Bonney or Dr. Bruce Thomas

– Gut Testing (GI Map)

– Nutritional Evaluation (Metabolomix)

– Serum Testing

– InBody Testing

– Comprehensive Genetic Testing to evaluate for SNP abnormalities

– Follow Up Appointment | Results Review with Physician

– Health Coaching x 6 sessions

– Nutrition 1:1 Call x 2 sessions

[Greater than $5,000 in value]

*Additional testing may be recommended based upon your symptoms


Whether you’re overwhelmed by chronic illness, a laundry list of symptoms, or just ready to get dialed in on your wellness, this is an all encompassing experience with your doctor —speciality testing, ample time with your physician, plus nutrition and health coaching. 


If less quantity of testing is right for you, but you still need the same great quality of care, the Genesis package is right for you. This is where you can begin your functional medicine journey or maybe you’ve done many tests and still feel lost and need help finding your path. Our doctors would be grateful to partner with you on your functional wellness journey. 

Package Details

– Initial Appointment [90-120 minutes] with Dr. Dee Bonney or Dr. Bruce Thomas

– Follow-up 60 minute appointment with physician

– Health Coaching x 2 sessions

– One 1:1 Nutrition Call

* Review of labs and/or past medical records will be tallied in 15-minute increments at $75/15 minutes

* Speciality / Laboratory testing will likely range between $1500-$5000

Package Details

Serum Evaluation for the following: 

– Energy Assessment

– Endocrine Dysfunction Assessment

– Celiac Evaluation

– Metabolic Risk Assessment

– Cardiac Risk Assessment


3X4 Genetic Testing

Extensive genetic testing with interpretation to identify SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that suggest predisposition to diseases and deficiencies and how to diminish the risk. This includes suggested nutritional changes to make to improve wellness for your specific genetic makeup. 


*Optional add-on testing:

Metabolomix+ with additional genetic evaluation

Non-invasive testing for key nutritional biomarkers. This urine test, collected at home, evaluates antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, amino acids and fatty acids. This will also evaluate for variants in the MTHFR, COMT, and the cardiac APOE genes. 

This is a great test to evaluate mood disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction, fatigue, chronic stress, and inflammation

GI Map

Health and sickness often begin in the gut. This stool test evaluates for gut dysbiosis (over or under growth of “good” and “bad” bacteria), parasites, yeast, H. Pylori, and inflammatory markers. This test is a great start for nearly any health concern because the gut microbiome, the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and the enteric nervous system affect mood, cognition, energy production, executive function, autoimmunity, metabolic health, and skin findings, just to name a few areas of impact. That is why this is included in our comprehensive Genesis Package for functional medicine. 


Proactively highlight current deficiencies and risk factors while also understanding what genetic variants could put you at risk in the future.

Patients will have an initial hour-long visit with Dr. Bonney or Dr. Thomas. The following diagnostic studies will be obtained, and then the patient will have a follow-up hour-long visit to discuss the findings, and a specific, actionable wellness plan that the patient can implement going forward. 


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