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You want to be well and we can help. With our $99/month primary care memberships we are able to offer you convenient, affordable, and personalized medical care with our health memberships.

Primary Care Membership

Primary care on your terms. Direct access to your doctor.  You are better able to take charge of your health, manage your chronic illnesses, and feel well again. All while having direct access to your provider.

Functional Medicine

Complicated medical history, perplexing symptoms, and life-altering illnesses plaguing you? Dr. Bonney utilizes his functional medicine training to help you regain normalcy in your life again. 

Addiction Help

Medication-Assisted Treatment is the combination of medications such as Buprenorphine [Suboxone] with physician treatment and counseling to aid in the treatment of opioid addiction. We provide these services from a foundation of faith. 

IV Nutritional Therapy

IV nutritional therapy or sometimes just known as IV therapy is an intravenous infusion of the vitamins your body needs and craves to function optimally delivered directly into your blood system. 

Ketamine Therapy

Sometimes individuals get stuck in the journey of trying to heal from prior traumas, difficult relationships, and limited, negative internal dialogue. Ketamine increases the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing the patient to lay down new neural paths to frame past experiences differently.

Weight Loss Management

We utilize peptides such as Semaglutide and our new InBody scanner to partner with you in your weight loss journey. Whether it’s a few inches to many pounds, we have the resources and the tools to help with our provider assisted weightloss.

Optimized Hormones

Male and females alike suffer from hormonal imbalances. Our hormones impact so much in our bodies. You may be struggling with persistent symptoms and not even know they might be related to a hormone balance! All of these could be signs that your hormone levels are offbalance:

Low Libido | Fatigue Weight Gain Mood Issues | Brain Fog | Trouble Sleeping | And more 

You may have been told that these are just signs of aging and you should accept it. But we’re here to tell you that there may be a better waya way to optimize your hormones so you can live your best life now.

We are a BIOTE provider. Meaning, not only are we able to provide you a customized hormone work up at AlphaOmega Wellness but we are also able to provide you multiple options when it comes to treating your hormone imbalance.

Ready to Feel Better now?

It’s super easy to get started.

→ schedule your appointment 

→ discuss your symptoms and the best hormone testing options for you

→ go over results and optimize your hormones

We’re ready to help you live your best life. 


“Dr Dee and staff are excellent and really enjoy helping people. Love this place.”

“Such a different in care. Love the relaxed setting. So thankful to the Dr and staffs attention for their patience needs and availability. Looking forward to more wellness rather than just treating the symptoms approach.”

“AOW has changed my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually!!! Dr. Dee and the staff there are not just that, they become your friends. Friends that truely care about your recovery. The group classes have changed my whole outlook on life as a whole. So thankful for AOW!”

“Dr. Bonney and Megan provide excellent care for their patients. Offering Direct Primary Care is an affordable and amazing service for individuals without insurance. Thank you for providing affordable health care, along with the best health care around!”

Wellness Matters

we help you approach wellness from 6 different pillars.

You no longer have to guess at your health, you have a partner.

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