Addiction Help

1 in 3 households suffer from, are exposed to, or are otherwise impacted by addiction. You are not alone. Our medication-assisted treatment program can help not only you but also your family.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-Assisted Treatment is the combination of medications such as Buprenorphine [Suboxone] with physician treatment and counseling to aid in the treatment of opioid addiction. 

AlphaOmega Wellness is different because we not only provide medication-assisted treatment [MAT] but we do so on the foundation of faith. 

"Aren't You Trading One Drug For Another?"
"I'm not a believer, can I still come to your office?"

Absolutely! We promise not to hit you on the head with a Bible. We just know what has worked for us and for others and with that said, we just ask that you at least have an open mind.

"Can I use my insurance?"

No, and here’s why, we are a concierge addiction treatment office. We offer you care far above what you would receive if you used your insurance.

You have direct access to your doctor by having their cell phone number. [Meaning, if you’re have withdrawal symptoms at 7pm you can text your doctor directly and he will text you back… crazy!] Also, your appointments (whether it be one appointment or four), urine drug screens, and all the group therapy appointments are all covered for your monthly cost. No hidden fees, no surprises. 


"Are you accepting new patients?"

Yes!! We would love to care for you! We can generally see you same day or next day. Please call 317-300-4091 to schedule.


Alpha Omega has changed my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually!!! Dr. Dee and the staff there are not just that, they become your friends. Friends that truly care about your recovery. The group classes have changed my whole outlook on life as a whole. So thankful for Alpha Omega


Without Alpha Omega I’m not sure I’d be here. I was spending more weekly than I am now monthly buying Suboxone illegally. And now I get to be a part of something better.


Founded by a doctor who has been where you are.

Founded by a doctor who has been where you are.

Dr. Dee Bonney suffered from addiction and depression himself in 2004. He has been where you are, and he’s assembled a team that will show you the path you’ve been praying for to get out of the bondage of addiction, emotional trauma, or relationship dysfunction.

“Medication-assisted treatment saves lives while increasing the chances a person will remain in treatment and learn the skills and build the networks necessary for long-term recovery.”

                                               -Michael Botticelli, director, national drug control policy


there is a better way.


Our mission has been and continues to be using all the tools available to us to help you find relief from your struggles. That is why we believe in using medication, counseling, and proven biblical principles.


Unlike other faith-based treatment programs, we believe that medication can be very beneficial when treating addiction, withdrawal, depression, and anxiety. We use medicine as one of our tools to get you relief from your suffering.

Our team includes biblical counselors, addiction counselors, and peer recovery specialists who can walk with you to find healing in your relationships, resolution of your internal pain, and hope for a better future than you’ve imagined.

What we have found is that applying biblical principles to life’s can bring healing to situations in which a person has felt completely stuck and hopeless in a given situation. 

Now is the time, Call today: 317-300-4091