Tired of wasted time? Wasted energy? Wasted money? Experience the ultimate self-care with our wellness membership – invest in your health and well-being.

Integrative Approach

Our providers are trained to take an integrative approach to your health concerns. Meaning, traditionally trained but functional medicine minded.

Membership Services

An example of services included?

Physicals: Annual | Sports |  Preventative Exams

Chronic Illness Management: High Blood Pressure | Thyroid  | High Cholesterol | Depression | Weight Concerns

Focused Appointments: Abdominal Pain | Cough | Anxiety | Acne | Smoking Cessation 

Hormone Care: Women’s Health | Testosterone

Urgent Care: Suture/Staples | Initial Splinting | UTI Relief | Ear Aches | Migraine Treatment | IV Fluids

Membership Perks

Communication that is convenient to you means direct texting with your provider, Telehealth appointments when appropriate, and appointments that are scheduled with your busy life in mind — no more 30 minute waits past your appointment time.

What people are saying

“At Alpha Omega Wellness I’m often reminded of the way things used to be. When doctors had time to spend with each patient and get to know them. Learn about their ailments and concerns and work diligently to eradicate them. Dr. Bonney seems to get real happiness and satisfaction from seeing his patients health improving. He is a wonderful doctor and his staff follow his lead. Everyone in the office is always friendly, courteous and helpful. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful doctors office for my family.”

– Chris

Great practice and amazing folks. AlphaOmega came highly recommended by a friend and I now see why. Dr. Bonney and his staff put their patients first and clearly take the time to deliver the highest possible quality of care where other physicians could easily cut corners.”

– Park

Wonderful place and a great team to work with! Thank you so much for helping us in our wellness journey. We really appreciate all that you do!! 10/10 would highly recommend

– Priyasri

I deeply appreciate Dr Bruce Thomas’s thoroughness, kindness, and genuine care in treating me today. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable.

– Ruth


Why we are different

Our Wellness Memberships can also be known as a type of  healthcare model known as Direct Primary Care (DPC) in which patients pay a monthly or annual fee to their primary care physician for comprehensive and personalized primary care services, including office visits, checkups, and certain medical procedures. This fee covers all primary care services, including chronic disease management, preventative care, and urgent care, without the need for insurance.

On the other hand, traditional doctors’ offices typically bill insurance companies or patients directly for each visit or medical service provided. These practices may also require copays and deductibles to be paid by patients.

The main difference between DPC and traditional doctors’ offices is the payment model and the level of care provided. DPC offers a more personalized and accessible approach to primary care, as patients have direct access to their doctor and can receive care when they need it without having to worry about additional fees or insurance paperwork. In contrast, traditional doctors’ offices may be limited by insurance restrictions and administrative burdens, potentially leading to less personalized and more expensive care.

Who Benefits?

You may be asking yourself, “this sounds great, but is it really for me?” Here are 4 ways a Wellness Membership can help you and your family.

Patients without health insurance or with high-deductible health plans: a Wellness Membership offers affordable and transparent pricing, eliminating the need for insurance copays and deductibles. This makes healthcare more accessible to those who may otherwise struggle to afford it.

Individuals with chronic conditions: a Wellness Membership provides comprehensive and personalized care, allowing patients with chronic conditions to receive ongoing support and management of their health needs from a root cause and integrative perspective.

Patients seeking a more personalized approach to primary care:  Our providers have a smaller patient panel and longer appointment times, allowing for a more personalized and individualized approach to care, and direct access to the provider making it perfect for busy individuals and families. 

Employers looking to offer affordable and comprehensive healthcare benefits: a Membership can be a cost-effective and high-quality option for employers looking to offer healthcare benefits to their employees. By offering Wellness Membership, employers can reduce healthcare costs while improving employee health and satisfaction.


From the beginning to the end, we filter all care through the lens of the Ultimate Physician and operate from a functional perspective to help individuals find their version of well — physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.

Body Movement | Essential Nutrition

Learn the tools to fuel your body with the right nutrition and how to get regular body movement in to improve overall health, both physically and mentally, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Relationships | Spiritual Growth

Healthy relationships have a positive impact on physical health by reducing stress levels, improving mental health, encouraging self-care behaviors, and increasing longevity. Heal your heart, heal your health. 


Sleep Hygiene | Metabolic Health

All the wellness pillars work together but none work well without sleep. Good sleep helps regulate hunger hormones, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation, and improves energy levels. Learn what’s working in your body and what’s not and work with your provider on a success plan designed just for you. 


Wellness Membership?

Now what? Just click on the button and you’ll be directed to a link to fill in all your details.

After you enroll, rest easy because now you’re fully invested in finding well. Look for your welcome email and we can’t wait to see you in the office!



Family Nurse Practitioner

Meet Sarah! Marian Grad, new mom, wife, and passionate practitioner for helping men and women feel their very best. She has had great experience in direct primary care offices, urgent care settings, and most recently treating hormones including the procedure known as BIOTE. She is the only provider accepting new patients at AlphaOmega Wellness at this time.

I have traditional insurance, can I still take advantage of your services?

Absolutely! We work great for individuals and families with traditional insurance or no insurance. We will save you money regardless due to our transparent pricing and ability to help you navigate the healthcare maze. Will not bill your insurance but you are welcome to utilize your HSA card at our office at your insurance company’s discretion.

Where are your locations?

📍1700 W. Smith Valley Rd Suite C-1 Greenwood, Indiana 46142

📍10100 Lantern Rd Suite 250 Fishers, Indiana 46037

Can I come in without being a part of the membership?

Yes and No… Yes, for our awesome add-on services. Such as IV nutritional therapy, functional medicine appointments, counseling, ketamine infusions, etc.

However, to utilize our primary and urgent care services you will need to have a Wellness Membership with us. 

Do you treat kids too or only adults?

We love treating kids starting at one year of age and up. Special note, we do not stock immunizations in the office. We will recommend you go to the health department.

I have Medicare, is that a problem?

Unfortunately, we can not accept medicare patients or medicare eligible (those 65 and older) at this time into our membership. This is rule from the government, not ours. However, if you would like to partake in any of our add-on services, you may.

I have more questions, do you have more FAQs?

Yep, head over to this page. Or give us a call or text at 317-300-4091

I'm interested in seeing Sarah for BIOTE, how do I do this?

If you already have a Wellness Membership, just call and schedule an appointment, Sarah will help you with the rest. 

Never been to our office? No problem! Just call or text the office: 317-300-4091 and let them know you would like a BIOTE appointment.