Find Well

You are on a unique, individualized journey to find your version of well. How can we serve you?

Do you struggle?





If you’re thinking, yes, to one or even all the above, you’re not alone. Allow us to come along side of you to assist in goal setting, formulating an achievable plan, and finding success. 

Wellness Membership

Primary care on your terms. Direct access to your provider.  You are better able to take charge of your health, manage your chronic illnesses, and feel well again. 

Addiction Treatment

The combination of medications such as Buprenorphine [Suboxone] with physician treatment and counseling to aid in the treatment of opioid addiction. We provide these services on a foundation of faith. 

Hormone Care

Even the slightest imbalance in this delicate messenger system can cause symptoms that interfere with our daily life. Come in for BIOTE hormone treatment or see our providers for additional treatment options.

IV Therapy

IV nutritional therapy is an intravenous infusion of the vitamins your body needs and craves to function optimally delivered directly into your blood system. 

Functional Medicine

Complicated medical history, perplexing symptoms, and life-altering illnesses plaguing you? Doctors Bonney and Thomas utilize their functional medicine training to help you regain normalcy in your life again.


Utilized for the treatment of depression and PTSD. Ketamine increases the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing new neural paths to re-frame past experiences differently.

Weightloss Help

Whether it’s a few inches to many pounds, we have the resources and the tools to help with our provider-assisted weightloss program.

Additional Services

Picture an old school infomercial… BUT WAIT… there’s more!!

What to Expect.  

Schedule an Appointment

Expect 60 minutes for your first appointment where you and your provider will discuss your health, lifestyle, and decide together what well means to you. 

You just have to start.

Get your Plan

Living well starts by having all your questions answered.

At your second appointment you’ll go over test results, develop a more detailed plan, and have a renewed sense of focus on your goals.

Celebrate your Success!

Maybe it’s been a month, two, or 6, and you’re down in weight or you feel the most energized you’ve felt in years! Maybe it’s the relationship you have with your spouse, you feel like you actually have one again.

You’re doing the work, we’re here to support you, and celebrate you every step of the way!

“…10/10 Would Highly Recommend.” 

Wonderful place and a great team to work with! Thank you so much for helping us in our wellness journey. We really appreciate all that you do!! 10/10 would highly recommend

– Priyasri [Google Review]

You know what services are offered… You know what to expect… You’ve read the reviews…Now, let’s partner together to help you:


Here are some answers to some lingering questions you may have.


Have it? Great, it’s not something we accept for our services. However, HSA/FSA cards are able to be utilized.

Don’t have it? That’s great too! When you have a Wellness Membership we will help you navigate the healthcare maze should you need anything outside our walls to help you get the best possible cash-pay prices.

Adults and Kids

Our Wellness Memberships and Functional Medicine appointments are great for individuals and families from ages 1-64 [Medicare puts a damper on our being able to care for those 65 and older for now]. 

Our additional services will vary depending on the service and the age of the individual. 

No Membership

No problem — you can still take advantage of many of our great services like BIOTE with a hormone consult or Ketamine therapy to name a couple.

Our Wellness Memberships are ideal for those looking to get away from traditional fee-for-service healthcare and for more comprehensive and personalized care. 

Why AlphaOmega Wellness?

You have many options when it comes to health and wellness. Trust us, we know, it’s a small world, [haha] but we believe you’ll not find a more transparent, cheer-you-on, not afraid to search for the answers for you, functional medicine minded group of healthcare professionals to partner with you on your journey to find well.