Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a Wellness Membership or Functional Medicine appointment is right for me?

To decide between a Wellness Membership and a Functional Medicine appointment, assess your healthcare needs and preferences. A Wellness Membership provided by our integrative medicine practitioners are for general, and preventive care, while Functional Medicine is best for complex, chronic, or hard to diagnose conditions.

Often, our members will begin with a functional medicine appointment and transition to a wellness membership upon having stability in their diagnosed condition(s). 


Can I come in without being a part of the membership?

Yes and No… Yes, for our awesome add-on services. Such as IV nutritional therapy, counseling, ketamine infusions, etc.

However, to utilize our primary and urgent care services you will need to have a membership with us.

If I sign-up for the Wellness Membership, what do I owe you when I come in for my appointment?

Nothing… And, nope, it’s is not too good to be true.

If you have labs done, you will have to pay for those but if you come in just for an appointment with the doctor, no extra payment, your monthly membership fee takes care of it!

I have traditional insurance, can I still take advantage of your services?

Absolutely! We work great for individuals and families with traditional insurance or no insurance. We will save you money regardless due to our transparent pricing and ability to help you navigate the healthcare maze. 

Does my child still qualify as a dependent?

Your child can still be enrolled for $35/month as a dependent if he or she is 18 years old or younger or enrolled as a full-time college student up to the age of 22.

Do you treat kids too or only adults?

We love treating kids starting at one year of age and up. Special note, we do not stock immunizations in the office. We will recommend you go to the health department.

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