Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Click the link or call or text 317-300-4091.

I have traditional insurance, can I still take advantage of your services?

Absolutely! We work great for individuals and families with traditional insurance or no insurance. We will save you money regardless due to our transparent pricing and ability to help you navigate the healthcare maze. 

Do you treat kids too or only adults?

We love treating kids starting at one year of age and up. Special note, we do not stock immunizations in the office. We will recommend you go to the health department.

I have Medicare, is that a problem?

Unfortunately, we can not accept medicare patients or medicare eligible (those 65 and older) at this time into our membership. This is rule from the government, not ours. However, if you would like to partake in any of our add-on services, you may.

If I sign-up for the primary care membership, what do I owe you when I come in for my appointment?

Nothing. It is not too good to be true.

If you have labs done, you will have to pay for those [annual physical labs $54] but if you come in just for an appointment with the doctor or an urgent care appointment, no extra payment, your monthly membership fee takes care of it!

Can I come in without being a part of the membership?

Yes and No... Yes, for our awesome add-on services. Such as IV nutritional therapy, counseling, ketamine infusions, etc.

However, to utilize our primary and urgent care services you will need to have a membership with us. Side note, if you have a membership, you get discounts on our add-on services 

Do I still need traditional insurance if I sign-up with you?

We are not an insurance plan or a health sharing plan. Therefore, we recommend you continue to have some type of catastrophic health plan coverage. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to obtain catastrophic care (childbirth, surgery, accidents, etc…), we recommend you enroll in a healthshare plan such as, Affordashare. This new type of health plan is affordable, provides great service, and is actually useful to alleviate any emergency medical bills.  

What happens with "after hours care"?

Since we promise you personalized care, we provide you direct access to your doctor on day one. This means you have your doctor's cell phone number for texting and phone calls.

Do you have more than one office?

We do! God has blessed us with two locations:

Greenwood: 1700 W. Smith Valley Rd Suite C-1 Greenwood, IN 46142

Fishers: 10100 Lantern Rd. Suite 250 Fishers, IN 46037


Does my child still qualify as a dependent?

Your child can still be enrolled for $35/month as a dependent if he or she is 18 years old or younger or enrolled as a full-time college student up to the age of 22. 


Contact Us

Need a primary or urgent care


First, choose the right membership for you and then, call the office for your convenient appointment time.

For our Non-Membership Services, such as IV nutritional therapy, counseling, and Ketamine Infusions please call the office to schedule.

Greenwood Address

1700 W. Smith Valley Rd. Greenwood, IN Suite C-1


Fishers Address

10100 Lantern Rd. Fishers, IN Suite 250







By Appointment Only

Check Out our New BIOTE therapy and Hormone Care

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a method of restoring the balance of your hormones and aiming to relieve these symptoms, using compounded hormones that are identical in structure to those your body naturally produces. That way your body recognizes and uses these replacement hormones in exactly the same way it would hormones it produces naturally. 

BIOTE or well known as pellet therapy is performed by our very own nurse practitioner Sarah. Find out more, today!