Functional Medicine

We are removing the guesswork. Our evaluation is designed to determine a precise path that you need to navigate your unique path to wellness.

Living with Chronic Illness is Hard. Finding a Provider to Care for you Shouldn’t be.

Complicated medical history, perplexing symptoms, and life-altering illnesses plaguing you? Functional Medicine providers utilize  functional medicine training to help you regain normalcy in your life again.

Have you been diagnosed with or suspect any of the following illnesses?

Autoimmune Disorders | Chronic Infections | Chronic Fatigue | Fatigue | Long-Haul COVID | Lyme Disease | Mast Cell Activation (MCA) | Mold Illness, CIRS | MTHFR Deficiency | SIBO/SIFO | Vitamin Deficiencies/Toxicities

Do you read a checklist of symptoms and feel like it always relates to you? You don't know what's wrong but you know something isn't right.

Dr. Dee Bonney and Dr. Bruce Thomas are familiar with what may seem “normal” may not be normal for you. 

Have you been to a plethora of specialists and still feel like you're not closer to feeling well?

Often times conventional medicine will treat different illnesses like silos and not as a part of a whole person. 

You're ready for help finding the source of symptoms and not just a pill for the ill.

By partnering with not only a functional medicine physician but also an Institute of Functional Medicine trained health coach and nutrition coach you have a fully involved care team for your health and wellness.   

How Do I know If Functional Medicine is Right For Me?

Complex disease processes, complicated symptoms, constantly feeling overwhelmed and undiagnosed, months or years of not feeling well; sound familiar?

Functional medicine strips away all the noise and searches for the root cause of your symptoms. Sometimes it’s more simple than you think.

How is a Functional Medicine appt different from a primary care membership?

Your functional medicine appointment will include a comprehensive look at your history, not just your previous medical diagnoses, but also your timeline of events of your life that have impacted your current health. We will assess for toxin exposure, consider your family history, your nutritional status and current lifestyle and how it impacts your health. We may even do a detailed DNA assessment to evaluate in what way your unique genetic variants may influence your state of health. We will unpack your life’s series of events and explain how that can be contributing to your current symptoms. We filter the assessment through 6 pillars of wellness: nutrition, body movement, sleep, metabolic concerns, relationship health, and spiritual wellness. This is a marathon not a sprint. This is a wellness journey. Together, you and your physician will determine next steps to proceed with a diagnostic evaluation to get you the answers you’ve been pursuing. 

Will I always need to have functional medicine appointments?

The goal would be to help you find the root cause to your illness, a path of healing, and then graduate you to our wellness membership (if we are so lucky) or to your regular primary care provider for maintenance care. 

What can I expect at my appointment?

Time, detailed testing, a comprehensive history. In a traditional appointment, doctors will spend time finding out about your present illness and the time leading up to when you became ill. Dr. Bonney and Dr. Thomas will approach your history as a timeline, which can reveal a cause and effect relationships that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Why should I invest in a Functional Medicine approach?

We at AlphaOmega Wellness strive to provide you precision healthcare, looking at your personal genetics, gut health, and methylation pathways, and nutritional metabolomics. We are removing the guesswork.

Unlike traditional medicine, which evaluates “means” across a population and treats all patients like they are statistically close to that mean, we understand that you are not average. Our evaluation is designed to determine a precise path that you need to navigate your unique path to wellness. 
Do you accept insurance?

AlphaOmega Wellness does not participate with any insurance carrier. We cannot submit medical claims on your behalf, nor assist you with claim resolution. You are responsible for submitting any claims to your insurance company.

All services are strictly on a self-pay basis; however, we will provide you with an insurance billing invoice that you can submit to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement. Please keep in mind that there may be procedures and laboratory tests that are non-covered due to your individual insurance policy or plan. Should you have any questions regarding your medical coverage, please contact your insurance carrier.

Your insurance company may request additional information and may not accept our diagnosis codes or may deny your claim. It is important to note that the Functional Medicine model of care is not a conventional model of care and often not covered by insurance. The conventional model is based on using and labeling patients with reimbursable diagnostic codes. These conventional reimbursable codes are not always consistent with the functional medicine assessment and may not be covered. Unfortunately, we cannot change any medical codes nor communicate with your insurance company.

Dr. Dee Bonney

After many years in the emergency department Dr. Dee Bonney felt a draw towards integrative medicine. Where he could combine his traditional medicine training with a more functional approach. As the saying goes, man makes plans and God laughs. In early 2022, when Megan, Dee’s wife, began suffering from a mysterious illness that later was determined to be mold illness (mycotoxins) diagnosed by a fellow functional medicine doctor.  Dee was determined to help others in the same way Megan was helped and he dove headfirst into all things functional medicine.

As the spouse of someone suffering from mycotoxin symptoms as well as mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)  Dr. Bonney can bring not only his expertise for treatment, but also his empathy to patients and their family.

Dr. Bruce Thomas

Dr. Bruce Thomas has a passion for functional medicine. I remember as a kid seeing a man who looked to be in his late 50s, sitting in a wheel chair with eyes glazed over and his tongue  hanging out.  Maybe he’d had a stroke.  Months later that same year I saw an in his 80s dancing with the energy of a teenager.  And I thought   “ It’s clearly not all just age. Why does this happen?”

     Working in the emergency department, I thought, “Surely something could have been done to prevent some of these.”
     So I’ve been thinking about this most of my life.   It’s been about 50 years since I saw the guy in the wheelchair and the dancing old man, but I can’t get them out of my head.   I still don’t have all the answers, but I think through God’s grace, study and experience I have a few and I keep learning more.
    I’m grateful for the conventional medical training I received. It’s treated disease and saved lives, but some people realize they just need something more or something different than what they get from it.  Sometimes when we’re ready the guide appears. If that’s you,  I hope to be that guide.

Functional Medicine “Revelation” Package

Whether you’re overwhelmed by chronic illness, a laundry list of symptoms, or just ready to get dialed in on your wellness, this is an all encompassing experience with your doctor at AlphaOmega Wellness. This package is made up of speciality testing, ample time with your physician, plus nutrition and health coaching. 

More Details

– Initial Appointment [90-120 minutes] with Dr. Dee Bonney or Dr. Bruce Thomas 

– Gut Testing (GI Map)

– Nutritional Evaluation (Metabolomix) 

– Serum Testing

– InBody Testing

– Comprehensive Genetic Testing to evaluate for SNP abnormalities 

– Follow Up Appointment | Results Review with Physician 

– Health Coaching x 6 sessions

– Nutrition 1:1 Call x 2 sessions 

[Greater than $4000 in value]

*Additional testing may be recommended based upon your symptoms


Functional Medicine “Genesis” Package 

If less quantity of testing is right for you, but you still need the same great quality of care, the Genesis package is right for you. This is where you can begin your functional medicine journey or maybe you’ve done many tests and still feel lost and need help finding your path. Our doctors would be grateful to partner with you on your functional wellness journey. 

  • 6 out of 10 adults in the US live with a chronic health issue. 60% 60%
  • 76% of individuals report a negative healthcare experience in the past year (2022). Is it time for a change for you too? 76% 76%
More Details

– Initial Appointment [90-120 minutes] with Dr. Dee Bonney or Dr. Bruce Thomas

– Follow-up 60 minute appointment with physician

– Health Coaching x 2 sessions

– One 1:1 Nutrition Call

* Review of labs and/or past medical records will be tallied in 15-minute increments at $75/15 minutes

* Speciality / Laboratory testing will likely range between $1500-$5000


Functional Medicine Executive Assessment 

This comprehensive evaluation is designed for patients who do not suffer from chronic health complaints but who want to improve their wellness proactively by highlighting current deficiencies and risk factors and to understand what genetic variants could put them at risk in the future.

Patients will have an initial hour-long visit with Dr. Bonney or Dr. Thomas. The following diagnostic studies will be obtained, and then the patient will have a follow-up hour-long visit to discuss the findings, and a specific, actionable wellness plan that the patient can implement going forward. 

More Details

Serum Evaluation for the following: 

– Energy Assessment

– Endocrine Dysfunction Assessment

– Celiac Evaluation

– Metabolic Risk Assessment

– Cardiac Risk Assessment


3X4 Genetic Testing

Extensive genetic testing with interpretation to identify SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that suggest predisposition to diseases and deficiencies and how to diminish the risk. This includes suggested nutritional changes to make to improve wellness for your specific genetic makeup. 


*Optional add-on testing:

Metabolomix+ with additional genetic evaluation

Non-invasive testing for key nutritional biomarkers. This urine test, collected at home, evaluates antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, amino acids and fatty acids. This will also evaluate for variants in the MTHFR, COMT, and the cardiac APOE genes. 

This is a great test to evaluate mood disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction, fatigue, chronic stress, and inflammation

GI Map

Health and sickness often begin in the gut. This stool test evaluates for gut dysbiosis (over or under growth of “good” and “bad” bacteria), parasites, yeast, H. Pylori, and inflammatory markers. This test is a great start for nearly any health concern because the gut microbiome, the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and the enteric nervous system affect mood, cognition, energy production, executive function, autoimmunity, metabolic health, and skin findings, just to name a few areas of impact. That is why this is included in our comprehensive Genesis Package for functional medicine. 


Wellness Membership 

Maybe you’ve already seen a functional medicine provider and you’re looking for more general wellness and preventative care. The wellness membership provides a root cause approach to your health without the same deep dive.